Ordering from our web store is easy and convenient. Just fill the required boxes and press „Add to cart.“ Your shopping cart with your purchases will be shown automatically in the right corner of the page. You can change the content in the cart any moment before submitting the order. Please always check if you have the right products and quantities before confirming your order.

To finalize your order you have to fill all the boxes marked with * (full name, telephone number, e-mail and address).

After submitting the order we will shortly send the confirmation to your e-mail. The order will be processed when the invoice is paid.


When packing the orders we are always trying to save natural resources and not produce more waste.  We never use plastic materials for packing the orders.

If you make your choice for reusable packaging when making the order, we will send the order in a used cardboard box. If you are not choosing this option, then your order will arrive in a new cardboard box. For closing the cardboard boxes we are always using a paper tape. For filling we use compostable and biodegradable material, which is allowed to put into biowaste.


Free delivery to parcel terminals for orders from 39 € in Estonia, from 59 € in Latvia and Lithuania and from 89 € in Finland .

To CollectNet parcel robots 1,80 €

CollectNet is a network of parcel robots where you can store your packages. In Tallinn we can leave your order in the package robots located in Sikupilli, Kadaka or  Depoo, to others package robots are parcels delivered by DPD. Delivery time 2-4 working days.

CollectNet package robot locations

DPD Pickup parcel terminal or parcel shop

Pickup is a network of sending and pickup points of DPD parcels. The terminals are located outdoors and the shops indoors. Check out your closest pickup point! It is probably much closer than you expect. Delivery time 2-4 working days.

Pickup locations

Delivery time Shipping cost
Estonia 2-4 2,70 €
Latvia 5-7 5,50 €
Lithuania 5-7 6,50 €

Itella SmartPOST parcel terminal 

Convenient, fast and 100% weatherproof. SmartPOST parcel terminals are located all over Estonia and you can choose the location among tens of terminals of which several are usually very close to you. All the terminals are located indoors mostly at shopping centers. Delivery time 2-4 working days.

Terminal locations and access hours

Delivery time Shipping cost
Estonia 2-4 2,90 €
Finland 5-7 9,90 €

Itella Smart COURIER in Estonia  4.00€

Don’t feel like going out? No problem. Order the courier service and your parcel will be delivered to your home or any other place you choose. The service is available on working days only. Delivery time 2-4 working days.

 Eesti Post (parcel delivery point) in Estonia 3,40 €

You can also order your parcel to the nearest post office. Choose the one most convenient one for you from more than 300 locations. Delivery time 2-4 working days.

Omniva Parcel Terminal

The biggest parcel terminal network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania open 24/7, located outdoors.

Omniva parcel terminal locations

Delivery time in working days Shipping cost
Estonia 2-4 2,70 €
Latvia 5-7 7,30 €
Lithuania 5-7 8,30 €

Omniva Postal Service

You can get your parcel through post office. The order can be tracked on the Estonian Post webpage www.omniva.ee and later on the local postal service webpage. Ask us for your parcel tracking code.

Delivery time Shipping cost
Austria 5-8 10,80 €
Belarus 5-8 9,00 €
Belgium 5-8 10,80 €
Bulgaria 6-9 10,80 €
Croatia 5-9 10,80 €
Czechia 5-7 10,80 €
Cypros 6-10 14,40 €
Denmark 5-8 10,80 €
Finland 5-7 10,80 €
France 5-8 10,80 €
Germany 6-8 10,80 €
Greece 7-10 10,80 €
Hungary 5-8 10,80 €
Iceland 7-11 12,00 €
Ireland 6-9 10,80 €




10,80 €

12,00 €

Latvia 5-7 10,80 €
Lithuania 5-7 10,80 €
Luxembourg 5-8 10,80 €
Malta 6-10 10,80 €
Moldova 6-9 9,00 €
Netherlands 5-8 10,80 €
Norway 6-10 10,80 €
Poland 5-7 10,80 €
Portugal 6-9 10,80 €
Romania 5-8 10,80 €
Russia 5-8 9,00 €
Slovakia 5-7 10,80 €
Slovenia 5-8 10,80 €
Spain 7-9 10,80 €
Sweden 5-7 10,80 €
Switzerland 5-8 14,40 €
Ukraine 5-8 9,00 €
United Kingdom 6-9 10,80 €

You can order your goods to your home or other locations with the courier – it is not needed to go to the postal office or parcel terminal to pick up your shipment.Omniva Courier 

Delivery time in working days Shipping cost
Austria 5-8 26,60 €
Belgium 5-8 26,30 €
Bulgaria 6-9 30,36 €
Croatia 6-8 27,30 €
Czechia 5-8 26,30 €
Cypros 6-10  28,51 €
Denmark 5-8 24,00 €
Estonia 2-4 6,10 €
Finland 5-7 14,60 €
France 5-8 32,60 €
Germany 6-8 27,10 €
Greece 7-10 36,30 €
Hungary 5-8 28,60 €
Iceland 7-11 40,10 €
Ireland 6-9 28,50 €




31,30 €

36.20 €

Latvia 5-7 9,70 €
Lithuania 5-7 10,30 €
Luxembourg 5-8 27,70 €
Malta 6-10 28,30 €
Netherlands 5-8 26,80 €
Norway 6-10 37,10 €
Poland 5-7 26,30 €
Portugal 6-9 31,80 €
Romania 5-8 26,60 €
Slovakia 5-7 30,00 €
Slovenia 5-8 31,20 €
Spain 7-9 30,80 €
Sweden 5-7 23,60 €
Switzerland 5-8 37,20 €
United Kingdom 6-9 29,40 €


You can pay for your order using the bank links of SEB, Swedbank or LHV in Estonia. You can also make the payment by bank transfer to the bank account of Veganshop OÜ EE771010220261165224 SEB Bank, EE352200221067055327 Swedbank and EE427700771002620348 LHV Bank.

Please remember to always write the order number on your payment.

All prices in our web store are in Euros and include VAT.

You have the right to make the payment in 2 equal parts – one upon submitting the order and the other within 3 days from the delivery of your parcel. In such case please contact us beforehand on the aadress info@veganshop.ee and we will issue you the corresponding invoice.

Return policy

The Customer has this right during 14 days after the date of delivery of the goods in case the packages are unopened and not damaged in any way.

The customer must inform the seller of his wish to return the product(s) within 14 days from the delivery of the parcel by sending an e-mail to info@veganshop.ee or by filling an application and sending it to the seller by e-mail or by regular mail.

The cost of the returning of the product(s) is covered by the customer unless the reason for the return is non-compliance with the order or defective products.

The customer is refunded immediately but not later than within 14 days from the return application. The customer is refunded the cost of the order and the cost of delivery.

Products with open packages and products the use or unuse of which is impossible to check are not subject to refund. For example mascaras the shelf-life of which is relatively short and depends on its opening.

In case of possible pretentions please write to info@veganshop.ee. We kindly ask you to specify you problem in detail and please remember to add your contact information. We will get back to you in 3 working days.

The customer has the right to turn to the Customer Pretention Committe of the Customer Protection Board that has the authority to settle the disputes if the cost of the merchandise is over 20€ (no fee is applied for reviewing the complaint).


Veganshop will not disclose your personal data to the third parties. Your information is used only for completing your order.