Tilk! Travel Size Moisturise Me Facial Cream for Dry Skin, 10ml


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  • Moisturises and protects dry skin
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Moisturise Me face cream moisturises and protects dry skin. The bioactive ingredients of chamomile help to restore skin’s natural balance and glow; jojoba oil and cacao butter moisturise deeply and provide protection from drying. The natural fragrance is a fresh mix of lavender and chamomile. All ingredients are natural and vegan. In all our creams we use oils of hand-picked wild herbs from Saaremaa.

Jojoba Oil
 Jojoba oil keeps your skin hydrated and firm – it is a superior moisturiser, has antimicrobial properties and contains iodine that prevents harmful bacteria growth. It is packed with vitamin E, which is effective in getting rid of free radicals responsible for the ageing of skin.
Shea butter
 Shea butter reduces wrinkles, renews the skin cells and improves skin elasticity by protecting and moisturising it. Shea butter contains of vitamins A, E and F while it also has anti-inflammatory effect.
Bioactive complex with Camomile
 Camomile has ability to calm irritation and rashes. Along with hydrating and moisturising your skin, it also adds radiance and evens the skin tone. It has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties.
Cocoa butter
 Cocoa butter is an effective moisturiser, protecting the skin from drying. Cocoa butter nourishes and restores skin cells. It has enjoyable silky texture. Coca butter is rich in vitamin E, but also contains vitamin A and C.


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