Gosh, Blending Brush Set


  • Includes 5 different brushes
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The brush set includes 5 different brushes:
1. ALL-OVER FACE BRUSH: Sized for an overall smooth and even application of your favorite foundation, highlighter, setting powder, bronzer or special effects product.
2. SCULPTING BRUSH: Designed for subtle contouring and framing of the face. This brush both enhances and highlights. Use with bronzer or highlighting powder. Also ideal for applying blush to the apple cheeks.
3. EYE SHADOW BRUSH: The shape of the Eye Shadow Brush head allows an easy application and ensures a perfect blend of product. Ideal for applying product on the area from the upper lash line to the crease of the eyelid. Great for applying concealer to the eye.
4. LINER BRUSH: This narrow row of fibers helps you to apply product in a straight line – for example along the upper or lower lash line. It is also ideal for filling in and defining brows, as it can simulate the strokes of your natural brow hair. The Liner Brush can also be used to apply a defined line along the lip or any other part of the face.
5. SHADING/BLENDING BRUSH: The round bundle of fibers on the Shading/Blending Brush ends in a curved dome, that provides soft but focused application and blending to the eyes. This brush applies product into the crease of the eyelid easily and softly to help sculpt the eye area. The brush can also be used to apply product on other small areas of the face – i.e. the corners of the eye, beside the nose, or under or around the eye or brow bone for highlighting.


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