Almacabio, WC Cleaner, 750ml


  • Disinfects and eliminates odors
  • Removes limescale residues
  • Prevents the formation of limescale and deposits

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Limescale is a real threat for the bathroom. Deposits of calcium contained in the water are likely to retain also the organic particles. Odors and poor sanitation are unpleasant consequences of these deposits. This bathroom cleaner sanitizes, eliminates odors, and limescale deposits. Besides, it creates a protective layer that prevents limescale from depositing.


His unique consistency allows the product to have an extended retention time on vertical surfaces. It removes soap residues and opacity caused by the formation of limestone. Ideal for healthcare, sinks, stainless steel surfaces, tiles, ceramics, glass. Gets rid of the smell and sanitizes. Prevents the formation of lime deposits. Product based on surface-active agents obtained from vegetable raw materials which are rapidly and completely biodegradable.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: phosphorus, phosphates, enzymes, preserving agents, ingredients of animal origin, allergens to report under Regulation EC no. 648/2004.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Regulation EC no. 648/2004): 5-15%: citric acid (microbial culture); <5%: anionic & nonionic surfactants (coconut oil), lactic acid (microbial culture), bioethanol (microbial culture), perfume.

USE: Apply to the surface that needs cleaning. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Do not use on acid-sensitive materials. Almacabio is active in the campaign against animal testing. This product does not contain animal derived ingredients. STOP ANIMAL TESTINGS.


citric acid, lactic acid, ethanol, 7 emulsifier, emulsifier sodium sulfate, xanthan gum, parfum.


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