Almacabio, Conditioner, 1000ml


  • Softens the tissues and smoothes the fibers
  • Makes ironing easier
  • Neutralizes alkaline residues
  • Thickeners-free
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The liquid conditioner makes garments soft and smoothes the fibers giving them the natural softness. Free of thickeners and made with molecules of plant origin, the conditioner does not irritate the skin and prevents the formation of film on garments, like with traditional conditioners.


Naturally softens and freshens your laundry. It smoothens fabric and reduce calcium carbonate residue making your ironing easier. Suitable for septic tanks. Product based on surface-active agents obtained from vegetable raw materials which are rapidly and completely biodegradable.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: phosphorus, phosphates, enzymes, ingredients of animal origin.

USE: Add before the final rinse cycle. The recommended dose refers to 4–5 kg of dry linen (WASHING MACHINE) or to 5 litres of washing liquid (HAND WASHING). 1 CAP = 35 ml

For further details regarding dosage recommendations look at the product’s images.


5-15%: cationic surfactants (from palm oil); <5%: citric acid (microbial culture), perfume, sodium dehydrocetate, benzyl alcohol, hexyl cinnamal, linalool.


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