TurBliss, Bioactive Peat Mask with 24K Gold, 180ml


  • Smooths wrinkles
  • Slows down the depletion of collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Gold ions stimulate cell metabolism
  • Reduces skin receptivity to allergies
  • Increases the production of elastin
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Alleviates acne and psoriasis
  • Gives a silky smooth sensation
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Pure micronized peat enriched with 24K gold. Smoothes out existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Slows down the process of collagen depletion. Gold ions stimulate cell metabolism and help maintain moisture balance. Decreases skin receptivity to allergies and infections and helps to restore skin tissue. Increases the production of elastin in fibroplasts keeping the skin elastic and toned. Bioactive substances penetrate deep into the skin and restore its normal functioning. Efficient anti-ageing treatment, reduces pigmentation, heals problematic skin, alleviates acne, eczema and psoriasis. Accelerates skin metabolism, enlivens and tones the skin. Proven results. No added ingredients. 100% natural.

Directions: Clean and wet the skin before application. Apply a thick layer of mask on wet skin. Leave on for 10 min. Avoid drying on skin. Moisten the mask with Bioactive Peat Toner, clean water in a spray bottle or wet fingers 2-3 times while using the mask. Use a damp cloth to remove the mask or rinse thoroughly. Slight reddening might occur due to the increase of microcirculation. Suitable to use in the sauna. Use 1-3 times per week.


Balneological Peat, 24K Gold


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