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5 reasons why you should be using vegan cosmetics

Probably before we buy a new product we think about several questions: “Is this product tested on animals? Does this product contain animal based ingredients? Is the producing eco-friendly? Is this product harmless for me? Will this work?” Probably vegan marking on the products will make it easier to make our decisions!

But let’s get into some benefits of going vegan with your skin care.

1. Cruelty-free

There is no reason for using animal hair, feathers, horns, insects etc. in cosmetics. Firstly animal based ingredients are not doing better work than plant based ingredients, secondly these are easily replaceable with plant based ingredients. Using vegan cosmetics you can be sure that you are not harming animals. This point is already itself alone pretty important, isn’t it?

2. NO to animal testing

Vegan products are never tested on animals and are therefore 100% cruelty-free. By choosing vegan products, you make a statement against animal exploitation. Animals don´t need to endure horrible procedures in labs for the sake of our vanity. There a plenty of great vegan options!

3. Helping the planet

Going vegan with your lifestyle means helping the planet too! According to United Nations (U.N.) 2014. report animal farming and the processes involved are the biggest causes of climate change, so by switching to vegan skin care, you’re directly helping to save our environment.

4. Saving the environment

Vegan brands generally think of the environment and try to carry out the entire production process in a way that does not harm the environment. For example many vegan brands choose their cosmetic ingredients very carefully, use renewable energy and use sustainable, recycled packaging, which is much more eco-friendly than regular packaging. Let’s keep our home planet!

5. Easy for your skin to absorb

Your skin finds it so much easier to absorb plant based products. There are dermatologists out there who recommend for you to stay away from certain ingredients in any cosmetics you use. One of the biggest ones is lanolin  (derived from the wool of sheep) – a common ingredient found in products. This is an animal product and it can clog your pores, which may be harmful for your skin. The nice thing about going vegan with your beauty routines is that you’re instantly avoiding any big ‘no’ ingredients without having to read the label.

To finish!

There’s more than enough reasons to switch over to vegan cosmetics! Nature has all healing powers that our skin needs. There is no need for ingredients of animal origin or synthetic chemicals.

Vegan lifestyle means making better decisions every day and it start from small things, like the choice of your cosmetics.

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